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Charites World Co., Ltd

The Company starts its business operation by selling dietary supplements that are good for consumer health and for those with clever mindset. “Nametis” products are known for thier anti-aging effects as the Trusted Helper for Anti-Aging.

The Company selected the premium extracts and production technologies including production facilities while prioritized consumer safety. Our products have been certified by various organizations from both domestic and international levels. We guarantee the quality and consumer safety and must not deceive consumers.

Khun Poppy

Sirakarn Trithara


All of us have tremendous power inside. Just believe in your potential. Never lose faith in yourself. Nothing you can’t do. “Do what you love, love what you do, and with all your heart give yourself to it. Together is possible.”

Khun Pupae

Jaruwan Trithara

Vice President

Live your life happily. Learn to forgive and forget.
Forgive & Forget. Live your life happy. Forgive others. Forget things you should not remember. Do what you should do and do for common interests.

Our products have been certified legally.

Our production process has been certified and registered in accordance with Thai and international standards and by GMP, HACCP and the Halal requirements.


Nametis is a dietary supplement for those with clever mindset, balancing the body, slowing down cell degeneration, reducing the risk of diseases.

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