All questions, doubts and tips about Nametis Dietary Supplement are collected.

These will be answered by Dr. Pornwanich Charoenputhakun (Dr. Ging).

Highlight of Nametis

What is highlight of “Nametis” that makes it stand out from others?

Answer: Technology integrated with 8 mechanisms of anti-aging innovative including the most recent of telomere lengthening extracts.

What sweetening agent is mixed in Nametis?

Answer: Sugar-alternative sweetening agent is called “Sucralose” that does not contain energy and is safe for diabetes patients.

What types of SOP collagen in “Nametis”? Where is it from? What is its property?

Answer: Collagen type 1, 2, and 3. Especially, collagen type 1 and 3, they have skin enhancing properties and are approved to cure joint by some researches.

Elongation of telomere can cause cell division. In case of those had hidden cancer cells or tumor cells, what will telomere elongation make it worse?

Answer: FDA approved level won’t leave bad result that can transform cell. It is safe to use for health benefit.

What is difference between extracted substance and natural substance? Will extract leave or accumulate any threat in a long-term?

Answer: It depends on extract if this is tested to be safe. Because natural substance or extract can harm body, it depends on safety-based research to approve. All extract in “Nametis” is safe and FDA approved. Consuming it at appropriate quantity is safe in long term.

When is the best time to consume Nametis?

Answer: As it contains various extracts, it can be absorbable before and after meal. So, it can be consumed at any time with effective absorbability. But it is suggested to consume during empty stomach in the morning or right before bed for faster absorption because there is no food in stomach and it can absorb easily.

How much Kcal does “Nametis” in a sachet bag contain? Consuming at night will make one fat, won’t it?

Answer: Kcal of 1 sachet bag of Nametis is around 40-60 Kcal. It is very low and won’t make you fat.

What collagen does our body need per day? Is collagen in “Nametis” enough for helping regenerate?

Answer: It depends on collagen form. Many researches referred to traditional form of collagen – 5,000 to 10,000 mg. But in Nametis, collagen is tiny-sized and easily absorbable molecule. So, the amount added is 5,000 mg that is sufficient for collagen production in a body.

In case you experience some kind of effect, will you be able to consume it?

Can pregnant ladies and breastfeeding women consume it?

Answer: It is not recommended because extract content is high and designed for adults. So, we cannot control the content that will be transferred to children or breast. It can be found if a child excrete in liquid form due to high vitamin consumption.

Can person with high-blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease consume? What is effect if consuming it?

Answer: It can be consumed as extracts help in anti-aging, blood circulation, and blood sugar balance.

What congenital diseases can be exception for consuming this product?

Answer: If a patient with terminate illness like final stage of kidney disease or final stage of cancer or any others, it is advisable not to consume it because of being under regulated diet intake from a doctor. Any other diseases like diabetes or heart disease, blood pressure or thyroid, 1 sachet of Nametis can be still be consumed.

Can person with cancer consume “Nametis”?

Answer: If diagnosed with cancer stage I when doctor does not have to regulate nutrient intake, she or he can have it but it is needed to talk with a personal doctor first.

Any worries from consuming this product

Some source said that consuming collagen in long term can damage kidney. Could you please explain about this?

Answer: It is not true since actual collagen is amino acid that can be produced in our body and from daily diet. So, overconsuming collagen is not harmful.

Can it be consumed together with detox? If yes, how should we drink it?

Answer: Yes, it can be consumed with Nametis. In the morning – Nametis and before bed – Detox.

If premixing and refrigerating it, will it lower its properties?

Answer: After mixing, it must be consumed within 24 hours because these is no preservatives, so it can still be refrigerated.

Having a sound sleep right before waking up in good shape. If we consume it for a long time, like taking a medicine, will it become resistant that make us hardly sleep and wake up drowsy?

Answer: It does not have medicine effect but only promotes balance between antioxidant and hormone in body. So, it is no such effect after stop consuming. And, it is not a worry. Just only you won’t sleep as soundly as when you consume Nametis.

Is it necessary to detoxify or stop taking other dietary supplement before starting taking “Nametis”?

Answer: It is not necessary.

In case we forget to take dietary supplement or do not take it regularly, for how long do we need to start over the intake?

Answer : We don’t wait. Just continue consuming it. But, when you forget to take it and your skin and body will be exposed to strong sunlight. These is definitely deterioration occurred. In this case, you may need to start over again.

In case of long term of consumption, is it necessary to take interval before start over new routine? If needed for interval, how long will it take? For how long will it need until we take some interval?

Answer: It can be consumed continuously as Nametis can be absorbable leaving no trace inside the body. You may consume it until you see the result. There is no research approving when vitamin consumption must be stopped or how long it should be consumed. Generally, if you are worried, you can consume continuously in 6 months and take a pause in 1 month.

What age can and cannot consume “Nametis” ?

Answer: It can be consumed for those starting from 12 years. The recommended age is 30 over because body deterioration begin increasingly and requires special care.


Nametis is a dietary supplement for those with clever mindset, balancing the body, slowing down cell degeneration, reducing the risk of diseases.

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