Lipo Tect comes from liposome technology, a delivery technology in the form of liposomes, which is classified as Advanced Delivery Technology. Liposome particles are particles that form a small round bag in the nano size caused by using a special type of fat that is similar to human cell membranes. Liposomes are developed to carry substances such as medicines, essence extracts, and cosmetics into the body. Lipo Tect is considered to be a highly effective technology for delivering various active ingredients, which helps to increase the stability of various substances that are stored by the encapsulation process and increase the efficiency in the delivery process, making the substance more effective than general technology and also found that it can effectively control the distribution and action of substances that are detained. In addition, Lipo Tect is a highly safe, non-toxic technology because it is prepared from non-toxic fats and components of living cell membrane that can be destroyed in the body. Therefore is not harmful and does not cause allergic reactions when entering the body. Lipo Tect enhances the stability of stored substances, prevents the decomposition of chemicals from being destroyed by external environment such as UV light and enzymes.


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