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FIR Technology

FIR Technology is a narrow range of 8-12 μm energy wavelength (generally a wavelength range is  25 - 100 μm), which is the range reported by the research to have many benefits for human health and body. FIR technology helps...

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TeloAge Technology

TeloAge Technology

TeloAge Technology TeloAge is a technological innovation of anti-aging with a mechanism that has won the Nobel Prize, that is, stretching Telomeres. The Telomere is the end of the chromosome strands, which has confirmed research that the slowing down contraction of...

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Lipo Tech Technology

Lipo Tect comes from liposome technology, a delivery technology in the form of liposomes, which is classified as Advanced Delivery Technology. Liposome particles are particles that form a small round bag in the nano size...

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