On March 22, 2019, Zen Biotech ( Khlong 5) held a ceremony for patent in order to cooperate with anti-aging FIR technology between Nametis and Zen Biotech. Pinky Savika Chaiydech, a leading actress, is appointed as a brand ambassador.



A smart director Khun Sirakan Trithara (Poppy) also CEO of Nametis together with Khun Jaruwan Trithara (Pupae) the Vice President of Nametis launched a very first product from Nametis for anti-aging and health with a good result at a first drink.
In the event, besides the ceremony for anti-aging FIR technology patent between Nametis and Zen Biotech, Dr. Kim In Sang the owner of FIR technology along with (Dr. Ging) Pornwanich Charoenkun the vice director of technology research and development department arrived to share FIR technology interesting fact. Nametis is a very first and only one brand in Thailand that excels at anti-aging. Precisely, the talk was about the background of 8 mechanism for anti-aging and body balance of the Brand Nametis.



All concentrated extract from 8 different countries ensured its title to become an ideal dietary supplement for those with clever mindset. Also, the official appointment of Nametis Brand Ambassador Pinky Savika Chaiyadech was announced. It took 2 years of development in order to successfully launch this ideal product Nametis with reasonable price.

Pinky also tried it and shared her great result. Thanks to this, she is the ambassador and the voice to let Thai people to know about this very great product with a good start for market expansion. Nametis is now officially launched with grand opening.




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