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Nametis is a dietary supplement for promoting health and that is compressed in health-focused technology from the world’s research. Enriched in world’s premium quality ingredient

Nametis is a dietary supplement for those with clever mindset.

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Slow down aging and maintain telomeres

Telomeres shorten as we get older causing aging in our cells. Therefore we can stop this factor with the Astragalus extract can help us to stop this factor as it helps stretch and slow down the contraction of the telomeres in the chromosome and slow down aging, keep the skin firm, youthful and reduce the risk of various diseases of the body.

Provide anti-free radicals effect

Fight against free radicals in the cell, brightening the skin, increasing moisture, making the skin white and clear, strengthening the skin, creating resistance to UV rays that hurt the skin.

Stimulate new skin cell regeneration with stem cells

Stimulate new skin cell regeneration with stem cells from plants to help restore damaged skin cells and reduce cell destruction rates.

Stimulate the activity of SIRT1

Repair the skin up to DNA level by stimulating the activity of SIRT1, helping to protect cells from inflammation and Oxidation Stress that is the main cause of various diseases and degeneration, aging of skin cells with extracts from Resveratrol.

Stimulate secretion of growth hormone

Maintain the skin youthfulness, help balance hormones in the body, making the skin shine bright, healthy, and stimulate the secretion of Growth Hormone, hormone of youthfulness with L-Arginine, L-Lysine and SOP.

Detoxify the liver with Liver Detox

Stimulates bile formation in the liver and fat digestion in the liver, detoxifying the liver, reducing toxins that accumulate in the liver with Artichoke, Dandelion and L-Glutathione extracts.

Skin Whitening

Brighten the skin from the inside with Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry extracts, making the skin strong, protecting from UV rays with Golden tomato extracts etc.

Decrease skin wrinkles and maintain joints of various bones

Decrease skin wrinkles and maintain joints of various bones with SOP, which is salmon’s ovarian peptide, providing anti-aging effect, reducing wrinkles and maintaining joints of various bones.

Slow down aging with TeloAges

Nametis can lengthen telomere at the end of chromosome strand. Thanks to TeloAge, it cures and rejuvenates body and aging.

Telomere is DNA located at the end of chromosome strand. “Shortened Telomere” is a sign warning that our body is aging. Once telomere shortens, our body functions begins to deteriorate due to decelerated cell division.

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FIR Technology

FIR Technology FIR Technology is a narrow range of 8-12 μm energy wavelength (generally a wavelength range is 25 – 100 μm). FIR energy waves help in the resonance of nutrients, promote dissolution, break up bonds and absorption of water to be used in the body, resulting in approximately 3 times higher formula results.

With the cooperation between Nametis and Zen Biotech of Zen Innovation Group Co., Ltd., Nametis has become the first and only brand in Thailand that has received the FIR technology license for anti-aging. 

Active ingredients from all parts of the world

We selected renowned premium extracts from all parts of the world in order to obtain formula for Nametis under exclusive technology that can yield overnight result safely.


The effects we gained and did a research among Nametis consumers.

Let’s see the customer feedback to ensure the quality and effects of Nametis


Nametis is a dietary supplement for those with clever mindset, balancing the body, slowing down cell degeneration, reducing the risk of diseases.

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